Ceramics Annual of America download

Here are a few pics that I took - I went to Reception Night on Thursday.  I thought the show was very well done.  The lighting was a disappointment.  Pieces were area lit, but it was too greatly contrasted against not enough general light - so the effect was "dramatic" lighting - and not in a good way!

It did have a CCACA feel to it as well, which isn't a bad thing only because John Natsoulas is heavily involved in creating this show (with John Toki of Leslies Clay in Berkeley).

I like the opening nights - a lot of people to talk to about their work and the atmosphere is usually party-ish!

Lauren Ari was stand out for me!  Here all this time she has been over in Berkeley and I've never seen her work or met her! I instantly became a fan.  I love it.
The other was Carmen Lang - her small sculpture vignettes were so gestural, sweet and subtle.

I confess, though I have a 3 day pass, I've not been back - it's been a tough weekend with the fire disaster and  a friend losing her home - there is still one person from work not accounted for and just hearing other stories about what is happening is sobering.

I am going back to the CAA on the end side of today; helping pack up some work.

It would be great to hear your thoughts, opinions, feelings about the show?


  1. I'll be hanging out all day, hope to see you there!

  2. it was a fun show, it's good to see all the artist in one room. And I went on Saturday but friday sounds might be a better day because you get to hear people talk about their work.