Studio Playlist

I'm all over these guys; after the first listening, I just bought everything they have ever recorded - I'm so hooked in. 

One would not imagine a couple dudes like this can make music like they do,
but my god - it's incredible.  I can only dream about the richness of how it sounds on vinyl.

Attack&Release (album before Brothers)

Arcade Fire just released "The Suburbs"

I don't know if you are familiar with the album "Funeral".  Funeral is on my top 10 fabulously crafted albums.  
For many critics it's listed as one of the absolute best albums in the last decade.

So, yeah, buy Funeral if you don't have it and soak in the insane depth of sound.
And, just go get "The Suburbs".

my own summer concert series:

Eels - Fillmore
Greg Dulli / Afgan Whigs at DuNord in SF
Arcade Fire - The Greek
Interpol - Fox 

happy, happy, joy, joy!!

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