healing waters

The Bay Area has been experiencing a couple days of intense heat (never a worry, it won't last long!).  A gift after weeks of  the weirdest weather even for a 'summer' in San Francisco.  Everyone flocks to the beach on super hot days.  On days like these;  I hike and repel down to a quiet lonely beach for some cool time - it was hot enough to swim in the ocean sans wetsuit!

For me...water is thee best salve there is...

 Clark Little  is an accomplished waterman and his perspective in the water makes him one of the most amazing water photographers around.

Mark Tipple; the other standout talent in water photography - these pictures are from his work on The Underwater Project ; in Mark's words "As an accomplished documentary photographer, in the past Mark has used the ocean as an escape for some solace away from his projects. Lately, while between projects he's been "hanging out" below the surface trying to capture what happens while swimming on a slow summer's day".


  1. Thanks for the refreshing images. It was 110 here in Chico today! When will it end...

  2. hey, thanks for visiting my blob, nice to meet ya! excellent blog here, yeOW!

  3. kelly - 110 is way too much for me; you are made of stronger stuff. I'll take my foggy windy sometimes sunny cool to say the least days! I feel for you.

    Hi Gary - and thanks for popping by! I think a little way back I visited your first clay blog! I really do like that it ISN'T all about clay, thank you for that!