it's official

I'm will be selling my wares at the Cocoanut Grove in lovely Santa Cruz, Ca
at the 2010 Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival
Saturday & Sunday
November 6th & 7th

The Cocoanut Grove was built in 1907 as the "Neptune Casino." It was named a California Historic Landmark in May 1989. This 100-year-old facility boasts a rich and colorful history and a spectacular view of the Monterey Bay.

The Cocoanut Grove spells its name "Cocoanut" instead of "Coconut" since the facility's name was changed in the 1930s. This is an the OG way of spelling coconut, as in the Marx Brothers' movie, "The Cocoanuts."

Yee har!


  1. hi! Yeah, I'm pretty stoked - what a fab building and fun event! I think I'm going to stay in SC this time instead of driving back and back and back :)

    still wanting to get to LA tho....hope you're well.

  2. Congrats, that's a fun spot to sit on for a day or 2.