mostly done

black mountain sculpture.  

with a nod to Rae  - this is the 'place' I like best - the just done, and green place.  There is the feeling of arrival and rest at this stage - I like it best. I like the color and the feel too.  It's a pause in the process where ideas have been realized.  Maybe that's it?

then it's fired and it's another thing altogether...


  1. I understand the *place*, this is peaceful! And another beauty of course....

  2. Is this black mountain clay? Are you being careful when you use it? It is manganese that gives it that color which is super dooper poisonous. Aaahh, I'm such a mom, but I don't think the clay comes with any warnings about the manganese...

  3. yes it's blk mountain, EVERYONE mentions it's an ESCAPE TO TOXIC MOUNTAIN situation! I fully appreciate you're looking out for my health. I work at being super diligent about it.

    thanks mom :)