Jason Dunn & Hue Yang

Yesterday, I went to Jason Dunn and Hue Yang's OPEN STUDIO.  Jason and Hue have a great live work space in the Jingletown area of Oakland.  I am happy I had a chance to introduce myself to Hue.  I've been a big fan of her work and have been reading her blog for some time.  Her work is great and she's so darn sweet! 

These guys are a cute little duo, couple of sweethearts really, and they have created a wonderful space!  Jason an amazingly talented potter - doing beautifully thrown altered sculptural forms both wood fire and porcelain work (sorry, my picture of his studio space and work is so blurry I didn't post it) Hue's work is so approachable, friendly and fun, with a great feel in your hand. 

I'm amazed at Hue's tiny little but clearly efficient work space - Jesse Lue has a blog feature on Hue - you can read more about her and her workspace HERE  

I noticed a flower brick form she is working on that really caught my eye! 

About the work: I nabbed two of Jason's cups and three of Hue's, and I wanted more; it was like being in a candy shop! 

 "my teeth look like a tooth brush" ...the whale says.  Come on, it's irresistible...

Jason and Hue
June 12 & 13.
HERE for more information

you should go.

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  1. Oh! you are too nice!!! It's really pleasure finally meet you in person, and I love your blog and the artist that you feature in your blog, so happy to be part of it :-)