Gulf Charity Poster by HEADS of STATE & Oceana

The HEADS of STATE charity poster.  SAVE the gulf! 

Please, check out Oceana and see what is and isn't being done. 


  1. We here in the Gulf appreciate all these efforts. I found your blog through "Fetishghost" a while back, and really like it, to the point of checking it every couple of days or so. I'm in NOLA, and we're anxious here. The Times Picayune is doing an amazing job of covering the oil spew daily, always on the front page and always multiple stories. I have walked outside some nights and the stink sends me coughing back in, but only when burns are happening. We're all hoping desperately that somehow someone can stop this, hopefully before December. We just can't get too optimistic. I've seen some of the jolliest people break down crying, then buck up, saying they'll figure out a different livelihood, and so will their children. Thank you again.

  2. hi Anonymous and thanks for coming by and thanks for taking the time to write your comments; I cannot find words for how angry and sad and horrified I feel about this and the way it's being handled and the impact it will have directly on people like you and your families and indirectly on every one of us - it's everybody's gulf - we're all going to feel this and suffer from it for some time. I am just so frustrated by what feels like a completely lacklustre response. Isn't it amazing that we've evolved so much that our mistakes can be seen from space. With all our technology and ingenuity, how is it possible we allow this type of thing to happen?

    I truly feel for you - and remember it may be necessary in certain areas to be wearing a respirator!!

    A friend of mine was on the beach in Sarasota picking up tar balls and the volunteers BP provides were mostly sitting around - not a lot of heated action going on in certain areas. BP is also not letting people on the beaches unless they take a hazmat class that they have to pay for themselves to be reimbursed by BP. I can't even get started on what blankety blank blanks they are!!

    I wish you the best, keep me posted - any good places you think people can apply their fiscal efforts or other ways in which we can help.

    good luck.