the complicated beauty of Ernst Haeckel

Many of you may be familiar with Ernst Haeckel.  A contemporary and supporter of Darwin and a controversial figure (what forward thinker isn't controversial?).  He is a noted 19th Century Scientist and as you can see insanely talented as an artist - his illustrations are mind boggling. 

I have an old copy of the artforms in nature, in german; I just ordered a "new" book from Prestel about Haeckel and his work.

If you are not familiar with him, check out the links below and be prepared to be impressed, wowed and amazed!


  1. This is one of my favorite books, few people can improve on nature.
    I enjoyed your reading your diverse blog and will visit again. I attempted pottery once but my work was the piece that always exploded in the kiln which made me unpopular.
    David, NYC

  2. Hi David and thanks for the visit - oh, of course, I would say "take a clay class again" - blow ups happen to everyone!

    and I'm with you on nature - no one can, we can only excel at times in the attempt!