I got to work this weekend and made some new large stacking serving platters with mishima decoration.  I like the mishima process A LOT!  I used to carve or stamp of course, but wait to fill in color in the bisque stage.  I like this more refined process - though it can be tricky. 

I used an exacto knife; I can see why it is both the best and not-so-best tool for the job - it's hard to "draw", to turn corners, to get a rounded off line.  But, by far, it is the best line quality. 

I usually use a pin tool, porcupine quill.  I also tried the speedball pen recommended by Molly and wasn't that into that.  I prefer the look of the exacto. 

Also, the tip about using natural sponges vs. commercial is dead on as well.  It's time consuming - but SO MUCH FUN!!

p.s. sorry for the craptastic photos!

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  1. Oooh... these have me sooooo excited. I can't wait to see them finished.