Recent Standouts

Hey, you there!   thought I'd pass on some interesting and worthy locales...

Let's Start with Sharon Montrose
Actually, there aren't enough 'cute-isms' to do it any justice; so go see for yourself.
Sharon's Blog

PPPots is kkk kool!
good 'ole straightforward (mostly) ceramic eye candy.

Handful of Salt
definitely a new favorite 
It's an exploration of the idea and people behind what we call DesignCraft: great design that's beautiful, authentic, responsible, locally-crafted, personal, and deeply human. Enjoy.

 There are some great interviews with local artists - a really enjoyable place.

Billy & the Broken Stitch blog
fun, fun, fun to be had with a stylish surfer-y twist. 
Just the way I like it!


  1. I am glad I came across your blog. I paint, you cermaic-ize. Your blog makes me like ceramics more. So much to explore. YES!!

  2. Ryan - I'm glad you came across this too! And thank you for letting me know you are 'here'...