Number 15

Number 15.  I'm ambivalent.  These pictures show her as looking a bit flat.  I do still want to add some decal work to her and so I am not surprised it has a feeling of being incomplete.

Anyone else reading it that way?  

eerrrrr....hmmm (thinking)...

I think the thing that's bugging me is that at the end of most of my sculptures; I have a different idea of what I may have done - even a small part I wished I'd done differently.  Which bothers me.  I cannot completely form the picture of where I'm going before I start?  I do wing a fair portion of the subject as I go - in this case, it seems to show.  Sometimes all the pieces go together and it works; and sometimes they don't. 

This piece has an odd sense of something not fitting. 

I find this an interesting process - to look at what works and what doesn't and how I think I need to work on the concept or planning process?  I don't know, do other people work like this? 

...a friend said; "oh, she's having a bath?" 

Welcome - it's punchy Monday!!


  1. Your blog just keeps looking more and more fab! I have really enjoyed watching it evolve and now it just looks excellent! I love your banners too- they have been so elegant yet fun and light hearted lately. Nice. Nice. Nice.