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So, we here at 'we swim with the fishes' use blogging for a few reason; one is to keep track of things that resonate with us.  I am all for art, ceramic heavy with a nod towards design-y goodness, and lots of ocean mixed in; therefore surfing (which lately, I've not been able to do much of...sad) lives here too!

And you can see I'm into linking up - I have a lot of links to sites because I want to be able to find them again.  I hope any visitors find good things to revisit here as well. It would be the best thing about this place - to pass on some great information about sites and people doing great things out there. 

I thought I'd point out some stand out sites that I visit ALL THE TIME and think you may want to visit as well...

Jesse's MUDBUCKET: She's young, cute, fired up and focused on showing you the best of the ceramic community!  I am a regular visitor there. 

Slipcast: Found through Jesse's MUDBUCKET - GREAT site on ceramics, these guys have an unprecedented list of ceramic artist sites - you could stay for days.  I just choose to go back over and over and over.

Whitney Smith - This Artists Life - Whitney is SO fabulously sharp with a snarky wit, which I love - her insights are brilliant and informative and she's a great story teller, will make an entrepreneur out of you and swear with flair whilst doing it!  A KEEPER! 

Bibbi Forsman - A Swedish ceramic/mosaic/photography artist whose site is always a fun and pleasant experience!  Those Swedes know how to live and be happy!

*I have a lot of ceramic sites and spend a lot of time constantly on the move with them, checking them out!

Design-y Places:
YHBHST - You have been here sometime -  it's an aesthetic powerhouse, and gifted - it just has that something about it.  I love David John's ecclectic range of posts though he throws a wide net they all pinpoint amazing well crafted art&design. 

Contemporist - LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.  It's modern perfection - delivers on the world of Modern Contemporary design.  Well formatted and presented.  I visit more than I want to admit! 

Better Living Through Design - there is a lot going on here - it's a powerhouse of modernity via the design community across all uses.  I like it.

We Heart - I have quickly become attached to this site; another powercenter for the design minded!

Elsita Mora - her paper artistry will blow your mind.  I love her little porcelain work.  Her personal style blog is a real treat.

The Bedlam of Beefy - first of all how can you not want to look at a blog with such a moniker?  Well, and it lives up to it's attractive title: Uncle Beefy serves it up on a plate!  Always find myself going back for seconds!

Coquette&Dove - Just found this place; courtesy of Uncle Beefy's blog.  I love the format; the look of the thing is so bright and clean.  I just love this gal's style...and her taste (wink)
She just wrote up a little mention of We Swim which was gracious and made my week!

The Swallowtail Society - Manny makes RIDICULOUSLY beautiful boards; I fantasize about getting one all the time.  I love his site.

SWELL - The dudes at SWELL are awesome!  And it's one of my favorite words...

Ryan Heywood - surf culture Aussie style at it's best; no small talent in photog as well.

DRIFT - access to the community, big time.

Eye Candy -
JJJJOUND - Master of the imagery universe.  delish.

Leslie Miles - Miles Fisher's blog - the goods, girls, places, people via pics that tells a 1000 stories any way you want it to be told.  Talented guy, that Miles. 

Jeff Bridges - yep, the actor.  He has a super fun website full of lot's of goodies!  AND, AND, AND, The guy's a POTTER!  GO Jeff!

WAIT wait, wait a sec...
I realize as I type this post; it's already a long list and I could go on and on.  Maybe I will do a regular STANDOUT post to call attention to, well, STANDOUT sites...
Sound good?

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