New sculpture

Here's a new piece of work; pics taken last weekend and last night.  I am still working out the form - much more detail work needs to be done and after looking at these pictures here; I may make some changes...

and yes, she needs a head.


  1. This is rad. Is that an octopus wrapped around her? How very cool. Reminds me of that Japanese erotic painting of the woman and the octopus.

    You've totally inspired me to post some WIP shots on my blog as well...

    Oh and finally, we decided on a date for the party. March 6th, 6PM I think. We are also participating in Mission Art Walk in April... ;)

  2. thank you! She is enveloped in an ocotpus; I think I may make more.

    Stoked to hear there's a party in the works! Look forward to it!