put a fork in me

I've been thinking.   About forks.  Can I talk about plastic forks?   How many plastic forks thrown away after one use does it take before we realize our stupidity?  Oops, did I say people are stupid?  Sorry, meant irresponsible and stupid.   Don't we all know better by now.

The argument is that it's a convenience thing, right?  But is plasticware really 'convenient'?  Really?  Convenient for whom?  We know it will live forever in the pile right next to the twinkie and/or floating around on plastic-garbage-island like the one right off our coast. 

Why does plasticware still exist?  Why are we still using it?  We've become slaves to the plastic god.  Enslaved in our ideals of convenience.  I'm not talking about all plastic-y issues just posing the idea of being in the habit of using ones own utensils just for a start.

I carry a 'real' fork in my purse and keep them handy at my desk at work - I'm not talking boyscoutware here - just a sparkly clean fork from home. And hey, you never know when a fork in your purse may otherwise come in handy. reeeer!

If you think it's dorky, whatever, get over yourself.  Who doesn't like eating with a real fork if there's a choice?  We continue to 'reward' the food packaging industry every time we choose 'plastic'.  Why don't we stop?  We have the technology and it's cheaper for us to do so.  So, why haven't we?  The incentives are there, yet we just keep on doing it day after day like slaves building the Great Pyramids of Plastic.  What's it going to take to change our uses of plastic?  The impact could be so significant it could create an environment whereby the packaging Industry would be required by law to use biodegradeable materials in ALL food packaging products.

come to think of it: why isn't the plastics industry taking the lead on this and why aren't we super pissed that they haven't?

Dorky or not; among many personal changes made in how I live; I'm going to keep whipping out my SUPER FORK where needed!  I encourage you to think where you can cut back significantly or stop using gratuitous plastics entirely.  Use paper, use your own real fork.   While your at it; use your own glass and coffee mug, a reusable bag for groceries and encourage others...

btw, I know some great ceramic artists if you're looking for a specatcular coffee mug!

thing is, I find convenience really isn't at all satisfying.

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