Holiday Season begins

Madrigalli Market was great! It was a success and I'm excited about next year! A very special thank you to Michelle and Janine of Madrigalli Designs and the Pedro Point Association for making it possible! I know how much goes into making it happen; you guys did a fabulous job, thank you! It has such a fun, easy, community vibe that makes it something to look forward to.

Thanks to all of you who came by to see me; I deeply appreciate everyone's interest and support! And, thanks to Mother Nature for such clear, if crisp, days!

It's the start of the Holiday Season - it's all about spending time with family and friends, enjoying great company, great food and bev's, perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The coast is clear, enjoy it!

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  1. Good Thanksgiving morning to you! The delta had a halo of fog early, and is now clear and crisp. Glad you have survived the back-to-backs, I know it was fun! Re: mermaids and their artists, met Karen Bagnard on a recent visit to So Cal. Loved eye-ing her display full of beautiful ladies. Check out:
    I'm thankful for my friends, best, m