Bravo Mike McArdle

Mike McArdle and I went to high school together; we had loads of fun in class with our wacky art teacher Mrs.Collins and by our second year(s) we were basically left to ourselves to do "our thing". Mike was wildly talented even then; he is ridiculously talented now and has an immeasurable range. He is doing some amazing work on custom cars and bikes - he has and does amazing mural work, oil paintings and he did a lot of years painting designs on surfboards (turns out he collaborates often my brother ; a custom bike designer and builder, no small talent himself).
I just ran into Mike the other night at my brother's 50th. We haven't seen each other for many years. It was such a pleasure to talk with him about art. We talked about art school; what he's been up to all these years, what I've gotten myself into over the years. It was so AWESOME, inspiring, and motivating to have such a high energy conversation about the thing we are both crazy passionate about!
Great conversation - great to see you Mike!
One thing we did talk about was The Madrigalli Market Sale - I just thought it would be so great to have him there. I put him in touch with the show people and turns out he's in! How fun is that show going to be!
check him out here: He's a superstar!
don't forget to check out his clothing line too....
p.s. a long time ago in a place far far away; I painted cars for car shows; pin striping, airbrushed murals; and signs. I could never even touch Mike's talent and scope! I love his work...

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