introducing The Third Column...

Scott Peck - photographer
I've seen many blogs with this third column action. I wanted one. So, I went off and tried to figure out how to get me one of those. I found countless sites, countless ways and means, countless tools, tips, widget nonsense, and gadgety bits at my fingertips ready to "help me", "self help me", create my own third column. Riiiighhht, and want to slit my wrists.

I spent more time on this little project than I'm willing to admit. Each site explaining differnt ways to do the same thing. Each 'expert' blogger hacker taunting me about how simple, easy, and fast it is to add a third column - and countless comments saying "OH yes, it's so easy, thank you for your simple explanation", or "WOW, your directions made that SO easy". Ok, OK. I gird myself to take on the HTML. HTML isn't easy. HTML isn't intuitive - it's rigid; like a bread stick. Some instructions didn't work at all, some worked half way, some sent parts sailing off into oblivion.

I did this exercise 6 or 7 fucking times. Nothing. I even lost the blog entirely there for a few frantic moments. That was super fun.

decided to try it one more time...

TAH fucking DUHHHHH! I give you ........The Third motherfing Column!

I have F I N A L L Y figured it out.
The damn column is stunted, naturally. I don't know why it won't go all the way down the page; and right now I don't really care. I'm tired.


  1. ooooooooooooooooooooowwww, aaaaaaahhh, nice.
    Which site showed you the way??? My blog is too narrow and I'm afraid to mess with it, ya know?
    I don't know html I just keep plugging along(like you!) until I either break it or it breaks me....

  2. You (and Miss Sheilabythebay) are a kick! Love reading your blogs, am inspired, can't imagine doing same (such a dullard) - also have my own challenge: feral cats in the attic!! yes cats - plural (6-8?) I finally have my own attic and its had kittens...

  3. oh no mary - 6-8 will be a small herd...and you know what it's like herding cats....

    Sheila - I'll have to find the site for you; I looked at so many, it's a blur. but, I can probably find it and email it to you.

    Also, I saved the current temp on my desktop so when I screwed the thing up I could re-apply the current version of the template...that made me bold!