some new pieces.
Spent much of the weekend on studio stuff; building shelving, getting my music piped in, got the couch in and general organizing.
If I wasn't so tired; I would be SUPER EXCITED!
We're on for friday studio nights - visit, eat, drink and make stuff. Even my mom wants to come over and make dinner plates for her great is that? Almost as good as when my dad walked in and said: "wow, that mural is - uh, well, it's different" "It's definitely different".
It was worth it just for that.


  1. Getting your studio ready seems to have happened so fast but I'm not there painting, building shelves, etc.
    Your mother making plates for herself, I think that is so wonderful, you have sparked her creativity!
    Your dad sounds like my hubby; that made me laugh. Your mural is to die for. Did you put something over it to protect it?

  2. Hi Sheila - I did three coats of a poly for latex paint. I think that will do the trick!

    you must come by and see it. and come by for friday night studio nights!