the shed show

Manuel and William working on the shed...

I know, I know; this blog is fast becoming THE SHED SHOW! Sorry, if it's getting tedious. I can't promise this is the last you'll hear about it... I am just so SOOPER stoked. I have some grand plans right in the middle of trying to get ready for two shows - but that is another story for another day...

William and his crew are awesome! Again, many thanks to them for a fantastic job and exceeding my expectations. They are a great company to with with; take great pride in their work and go the extra mile (literally!) to make sure it's exactly what the customer wants!

I highly recommend them to anyone interested in any project like this one. Please visit them at BEST SHED EVER - you can even see pictures of my shed on the gallery page!

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  1. Please - more shed show! Nothing like living vicariously. Yes, I'll pretend it's *my* shed.

    Tell us about the shows you are doing too!!!