tea appreciation + fridayness

I'm sitting here this lovely friday morning with my Christa Assad cup enjoying a beautiful, dark, strong cup of tea. I love the thing. It's been my favorite cup for a while now. It's often a topic of conversation with clay people; cups. Check out the blog 'a cup a week' - it's great for us cup freaks.

Friday. I'm on vacation. As I enjoy my tea in my awesome Christa Assad cup, I'm thinking about what I'm going to do with my bad self today.

First thing: Surf Report; big swell from NZ hit today - probably through Monday. We're seeing double overhead south swell action in our future. It's looking like 8-10'. You can check out LiquidPlayground for info. I do NEED to get in the water...

Additional Friday menu items; My studio project starts Tuesday. I have a few chores that must be done for studio builder guy. I need to head over to Building Resources. Also, I need to get to Leslie's . It's production time - so I need to go pick up 400 or 500lbs of clay.

AND last but not least for dinner: TONIGHT is the Sanchez Art Center 50/50 show opening. A clay friend of mine, Sheila over at imakefish has been slaving away this show!

Ok, lot's going on; we'll see where this Friday action takes us!

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