it's RAD ke


sea monkey


This guy is over the top; Scott Radke, effing amazing. He is a doll/marionette maker & muralist. I read in an interview that his jump off point, launch and landing, is drawing/painting - though he has been making masks, marionette's and dolls for some time. He uses many mediums and clay is one of them, but not glazes; these are painted with acrylics. I think it's easy to see the results - whether you love it or hate it - it's fascinating.

They are so Jim Henson-y, Tim Burton-y - Scott Radke-y. Cute and mean at the same time, cute and sad, cute and troubled - all corpse-ish colored and deeply emotive. My god, how can you resist.

Ever since I happened upon this work - my brain is on TOTAL absorption stimulation overload!

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