get your freak on...

Pottery is my 'jobby'. I work full time. So, imagine trying to have a life, surf, relax, have a SECOND to think and have two jobs. Exciting, no? It's a much slower process for clay than having the luxury of working in a studio full time. It also requires a hyper-management of my time.

I have been selling to people directly, and selling at a small local shop and it's been a good situation for me. Zero pressure. I often want to market a little more - but I'm cautious of having a too many plates in the air - ha!

So, fa la la; I've been going on like this for a few years now and doing fine. Last November, I did a local sale/show. It was awesome! It went well and was a great experience. I thought, hey, maybe I could do a couple of these type of things a year. Famous last words. I thought it would be a manageable step to 'give me a push' - more famous last words...

I'm famous for famous last words.

I signed on for two shows in November and they are a week apart. That wasn't part of the plan. Here's the thing; I've done Open Studio shows and experienced friends getting ready for shows that I get the madness around getting ready for a show, setting up, the business of selling and the business of breaking down, the packing up and recovery. It's like you're a little circus that comes to town, and you never know what to expect or how it's going to go.

in my case maybe a circus freak...

Anyway, I've been a bit of a slacker. I have so much work I need to make and all I seem to be doing is nothing except freaking myself out: here's a bit of it; get a load of this nonsense:

Jeeze, I have a TON to do.
actually, 10 million things to do!
no prob, you can do that, you got time.
what do you mean no prob?
how am I going to get it all done?
I need to buy bubble wrap.
what if it sucks?
what if people think it sucks?
what if it doesn't come out of the kiln?
you need to make a million pieces! dude, you have three!
oh, god, I feel tired. No way am I working tonight, hey, what's on tv?
Listen, you did so well at the last show, it's going to be GREAT!
You will see so many people you know!
crap, I need a bigger studio.
Hey, why not build one ('cause that's genius timing).
what display?
what are you going to do?
wait, what AM i going to do?
you can't just show up and
put your stuff on a table, it's not a bake sale.
shit, need a visa card machine.
I need signage.
I better write this down.
You need to get pictures up on your website.
how about painting a sign for the show?
business cards. better have at least 5000!
you can make them yourself and then cut each one of them out.
Wait, wait, wait, how many days do I have?
OK, wait, how many hours is that?
f. f. f.
why are you sitting here?
what is your problem?
what IS my problem?
I wonder how big the space is.
I need a bigger kiln.
table cloths? I need tables.
wait, I need tables.
I better write that down.
Ooh, maybe I'll make cups again.
where's the list?
just start a new list.
yeah, I can make some new porcelain cups.
wtf? you can't make cups, you don't have time for cups.
wall sculptures?
should I make sculptures?
I think I need a nap right now.
what if I sell EVERYTHING at the first show,
and have NOTHING for the next show?
crap, crap, crap, damn job.
What about the following week?
I can't even think of that
I have to think of that show.
you have to think of that show.
start a list.

2 words; COFFEE!

This GENIUS is not getting crappy-crap done and the coffee is no longer working it's magic.

hence; a mad plan: I will make; 20 small bowls a week. 20 small plates a week. 10-12 large plates a week. I'd like to have 8-10 small-ish new sculptures. That gives me approx; 280 small bowls; 280 small plates; 168 large-ish plates - this includes the biffs. The sculptures will be a bonus and a miracle if I can get them done. Finally, there will be no porcelain cups, ladies and gentlemen.

I wish me luck. I'll let you know what happens.

Phew ;)

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  1. I've found that having a plan even if it is a mad plan keeps my illusion alive that things are under control...plans and lists; can't live without them!