Tiffany and I were talking ceramics recently, and she serves me up some Susan Beiner. Tiffany saw Susan's show at NCECA recently in Phoenix. This work is facinating, opulent, chaotic, and all with a sense of balance and order. It reminds me of classic porcelain designs from the 16th and 17th centuries with a decidedly modern almost futuristic aesthetic.

Looking at these pieces as an admirer of art is stimulation enough! I'm blown away and I am compelled to look again and get lost in them. Looking at them as a ceramicist makes me almost start hyper-ventilating. It is overwhelming in it's scale, the amount of work, it's assembly, firing, glazing, I could go on and on; I mean, the time it takes me to make a ridiculous little bowl and BOOM! here is this literal acre of multisized pieces all cleanly, beautifully put together and glazed! Christ.

Even if it isn't something you like, it's impossible not to admire the beauty in the effort, design and execution. Fabulous.

At any rate; check it out here

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