One of my mer girls in her new home!


  1. She's looking stellar and right at home in her new home. (Does she know about the fog?) Your blog is great - build that studio! mary

  2. Nice job Linda, I remember that beauty! Here is her sister:

    Congrats on the great kiln firing!
    And go for it, do the studio! My greenhouse (studio, haha) is falling down around me but I'll continue out there until Sams Castle ends up sliding into it!

  3. Blah, my link doesn't work; try this!

  4. hi gals! thanks so much for the kind words - yes, the studio is a big obsession right now!

    and thanks for taking the time to post a comment - good to see you guys are out there.

    please keep your eye on the links - I have been hooking in some really amazing clay artists!!