day at the beach

It is so super cheesy to say I like long walks on the beach, but I do. It's a part of my daily life, I LOVE the beach, the sea. I am always there, and I feel it if I miss a day. It is like a ritual for me, a meditation. I have had surreal and sublime experiences, weird experiences, bad experiences, beautiful, peaceful and joyous experiences.
The other day I was walking the dogs and some dumbass fisherman left his three baited hooks just laying around on the beach. My dog IS a super genius, but even he was surprised when he went for that yummy little baitfish and got a fish hook through his lip. A FISH HOOK all the way hooked through his lip that I had to 'remove' because it was HOOKED THROUGH. Christ.
So, let's just say I was a "tad" upset at said dumb ASS. We had a 'talk'. I am sure he was sure about never leaving baited hooks laying about on the beach.